Data and Analytics

The Power of Big Data Analytics

Big Data attracts great interest across organizations and industries because of its potential to use information from the past and present to predict the future and prescribe actions for desired outcomes. But Big Data alone can’t achieve these things, just having the data isn’t enough. This is where Big Data Analytics enters the discussion.

We’re committed to helping our customers find new opportunities and deep insight from the mountains of data generated by processes (e.g. machines, social networks, and smart devices) embedded in daily life.

Our Big Data Team is one of the largest specialized in-house software engineering teams and has extensive expertise in design and implementation, as well as certifications in multiple Data Warehousing, Hadoop and BI technologies.

Big Data and Analytics Service Offering

Our key Big Data and Analytics service offerings include:

BI & Analytics service

We can help you to significantly increase the effectiveness and capabilities of your BI (Business Intelligence) reporting; minimize IT support costs and improve user experience, by giving more power to business users, and creating interactive reports with deeper competitive insight, meaningful dashboards, and scorecards.

Enterprise Data Warehousing service

Our enterprise data warehousing service provides your business with data for consolidated views across your company and visibility across business units. With over 20 years’ knowledge and experience, we eliminate all risks associated with new technology adoption.

Big Data service

By addressing common Big Data technology challenges, such as scalability, performance, extensibility and availability, we can help you achieve new opportunities for your business. We rely on proven architecture approaches (such as Lambda Architecture and Microservices) and best matching cost-effective technologies.

Data Science service

Our specialized teams help unlock the business value in your data through advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning, data mining, and predictive analytics. Read more about our Data Science services here.

Data Integration & Processing service

Cross-system data integration and consolidation are the most common challenges that organizations face when they implement enterprise-level information systems. Using event processing, massively parallel processing, and data distribution, we enable data consolidation from various sources including CRM, ERP, and other enterprise systems.