Complete Data journey and Analytics

SSIT, Inc. is a proud Incorta Global Partner.

Incorta Analytics :The World’s Fastest Data-to-Analytics Platform

Utilizing the industry’s first Direct Data Mapping engine, Incorta aggregates large, complex business data in real time, eliminating the need to reshape your data. By keeping data in its original form, Incorta accelerates the time required to roll out new analytic applications from months to days, and reduces query and reporting times from minutes to seconds. With Google-like search and direct integration with Excel, Tableau, and other visualization tools, Incorta allows business users to easily, securely tap into their enterprise data with a single, complete self-service analytics platform.

With Incorta, You Can:

  • Significantly reduce costs by eliminating separate ETL, data warehouse and reporting infrastructure
  • Accelerate speed to insight via pre-packaged reports, dashboards and KPIs
  • Improve data security—separate security policies no longer need to be created, maintained and inherited directly from Oracle
  • Gain up-to-the-minute business insight via real-time data queries of source systems

The Power of Big Data Analytics

Big Data attracts great interest across organizations and industries because of its potential to use information from the past and present to predict the future and prescribe actions for desired outcomes. But Big Data alone can’t achieve these things, just having the data isn’t enough. This is where Big Data Analytics enters the discussion.

We’re committed to helping our customers find new opportunities and deep insight from the mountains of data generated by processes (e.g. machines, social networks, and smart devices) embedded in daily life.

Our Big Data Team is one of the largest specialized in-house software engineering teams and has extensive expertise in design and implementation, as well as certifications in multiple Data Warehousing, Hadoop and BI technologies.

Big Data and Analytics Service Offering

Our key Big Data and Analytics service offerings include:

By giving more resources to the business users with reports that have interactive reporting capabilities which provide deeper competitive insight, meaningful dashboards, and scorecards, our team can help increase the skills and effectiveness of your Business Intelligence reporting exponentially.

Enterprise Data Warehousing service

With over 2 decades of industry experience, we eliminate any risk involved in new technology adoption. Our enterprise data warehousing service provides the best-consolidated data which could be viewed across the company and create visibility across all the business units.

Big Data service

Availability, scalability, performance, and extendibility are some of the common problems faced by business concerns. Our team is experienced in aiding you to achieve new opportunities relying on proven architecture approaches like lambda Architecture, Microservices, and best cost-effective technologies.

Data Science service

Machine learning, data mining, and predictive analytics are some of the analytic techniques that help our experienced team to unlock business value in your data. Know more about our Data Science services here.

Data Integration & Processing service

When implementing an enterprise level information system, cross-system integration and consolidations are one of the most common challenges that organizations face. We focus on using parallel, event processing, and data distribution to consolidate data from various resources including CRM, ERP, and other enterprise systems