Digital Technology Accelerator

Today’s organizations must adapt quickly to change, using new technologies that fuel competitive advantage. SMARTLY is a disruptive technology that accelerates data analytics better than ever before. The need for SMARTLY in today's industries is paramount because of its increased customized interactive insights that comes with improved Data user adoption and Data Quality.While AI and ML focus on high value data, SMARTLY focuses on real-time data using Big Data with in memory analytics leading to lightning response times redefining the user experience,   Stream line Analytics environments.
Advantages of SMARTLY are:

  • Connects to multiple data sources
  • No Costly Data Warehouses and Hardware
  • Answers in Sub-Seconds and Up to-minute data and Inherited security
  • Speed to market with reduced costs
  • Increased customer insights to help Customer success
  • Improved Data quality  to Drive User Adoption



Improved Automation -No Coding Selenium Script

Today’s organizations must adapt quickly to change, using new technologies that fuel competitive advantage. smarTEST is a disruptive Test automation tool that accelerates  automated tests in minutes. Creating automated tests is codeless and scriptless. Increased time to market with integration with Jenkins and other test software. No costly selenium coders.

Advantages of smarTEST are:

  • Easy test automation
  • Adaptable to UI changes
  • Integrate with Jenkins and other test tools
  • Spend 4x less time on maintenance of scripts
  • Increase 2x speed on regression and smoke tests
  • Speed to market with reduced costs


Digital Edge Solutions


Artificial intelligence

We are a one-point contact for making AI powered applications that are highly efficient, insightful and robust.

  • AI is an evolved mechanism of replicating Human intelligence with the use of computers. This includes learning, thinking and recognising data and adapt to new inputs.
  • AI is a very broad field of study that works by assimilating huge amounts of data with iterative, fast and highly intelligent algorithms which allow the software to learn from patterns in the data which allows the computer to recreate human knowledge in a very definitive way
  • This opens new boundaries for organizations as AI fueled applications can computerize business procedures which drive development and effectiveness.


Machine Learning

Machine learning automates analytical model building using neural networks, operations, statistics and physics to know hidden insights in data without being programmed particularly on where to look or what to infer. We specialize in engaging your business with unmatched advantage of machine learning to decipher information, trends and distinguish pattern.

  • As an application of Artificial Intelligence which empowers programming applications to cater to issues that are unstructured in nature.
  • By using algorithms to build models that uncover connections, organizations can make better decisions without human intervention. Learn more about the technologies that are shaping the world we live in.
  • Most industries working with large amounts of data have understood the immense scope to use machine learning technology. Machine Learning often gives insights that enable organizations to work effective and have an advantage over competitors


Block Chain

Our Services allow you to build decentralized applications on a distributed digital ledger called block-chain. Repeatedly growing as completed blocks and recorded and ordered in chronological order. 

  • Block chain is like a spreadsheet that is replicated thousands of times across a computer network. This spreadsheet is then designed to regularly update the information present in it. To use conventional banking as an analogy, the blockchain has a full history of the financial institutes transactions. But, being a distributed database system a blockchain can simplify transactions for all parties .this is a block chain.
  • Data present on a blockchain exists as a shared. The blockchain database isn’t stored in a single location which means the records it keeps are public and verified. No centralized version of this data is available for a hacker to manipulate. Hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, its information is accessible to anyone on the internet.
  • The block-chain cannot be controlled by any single person