Data Science

SSIT Data Science Portfolio solves customer business problems in the areas of Retail, Cyber Security etc.


Big Data & Analytics

By giving more resources to the business users with reports that have interactive reporting capabilities which provide deeper competitive insight, meaningful dashboards, and scorecards, our team can help increase the skills and effectiveness of your Business Intelligence reporting exponential.

Availability, scalability, performance, and extendibility are some of the common problems faced by business concerns. Our team is experienced in aiding you to achieve new opportunities relying on proven architecture approaches like lambda Architecture, Microservices, and best cost-effective technologies. We strive to generate tangible data-driven insights via modern and traditional analytics. We empower you to choose better informed and accurate decisions. With accurate visualization and interactive data  representation our analytics seamless. 


Enterprise Data Warehouse

With over 2 decades of industry experience, we eliminate any risk involved in new technology adoption. Our enterprise data warehousing service provides the best-consolidated data which could be viewed across the company and create visibility across all the business units.  

Reporting Analytics


Data Integration & Processing service

When implementing an enterprise level information system, cross-system integration and consolidations are one of the most common challenges that organizations face. We focus on using parallel, event processing, and data distribution to consolidate data from various resources including CRM, ERP, and other enterprise systems 


Program Management

Integrated Project management services are crucial and drive the success of diverse, complex projects. In a high impact and time sensitive scenario, We specialize in utilizing leadership and discipline to breakdown functional deficiencies and  ensure that the project's scope, schedule and budget are in alignment to the project.  


IT Operations

 We provide services to improve efficiency of the whole value chain. Main Functions include:

  1. Implementing and designing target operations.
  2. Executing Cost reduction.
  3. Boosting Customer experience.
  4. Implementing business transformations in primary and secondary functions.