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We engineer smart solutions that meet your business expectations while delivering technology excellence to enhance the customer experience and enable the organizations to grow faster with quick return on investment. Our digital strategies, agile practices and years of expertise helps to analyse, design and develop the right-fit solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

Data Warehouse to Cloud Migration

If you are considering moving to a cloud-based data warehouse, you can avoid complexity by carefully considering two architectures:

  • Data Warehouses in the cloud, and
  • Cloud-native data warehouses
Data Warehouse to Cloud Migration
Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We applied advanced machine learning to a dataset over a multiple transactions expense categorization accuracy improved to 90%. By comparing your habits to thousands of users with similar habits, our algorithm automatically categorizes transactions without doing anything.

  • 9x times improved accuracy
  • Identified trends and patterns of the user automatically
  • Eliminated Manual Data Entry
  • Better customer segmentation and value prediction
  • Improved behavior analysis and precision

Big Data

We identify patterns in our customers' data to help them find new insights that save more money in their pocket or more time in their day.

  • We apply data-driven automation to financial business.
  • We are also pioneering different methodologies in predictive intelligence.

Machine Learning

Data Analytics

Sigmasoft + Zepl integrated platform provides the complete analytics solution in the market that leads to faster analysis and easier for everyone to visualize the discoveries in complex data. Using search and recommendations powered by a built-in artificial intelligence engine, anyone can explore data to bring insights.

  • Faster Decision Making
  • Search and Recommendations powered by AI engine
  • Automatically generated Insights based on user patterns

Financial Analytics

To stay ahead in today's competition, it is essential to have quantitative data granularity to provide visibility into organizational performance.

  • We provide the best industry-specific data analytics.
  • Our tools and strategies maintain operational effectiveness.

Machine Learning

Data Science

Sigmasoft Data Science Portfolio solves customer business problems in the areas of Retail, Cyber Security, etc.

  • Faster Decision Making
  • Search and Recommendations powered by AI engine
  • Automatically generated Insights based on user patterns

Business Intelligence

Our team is experienced in helping you achieve new opportunities relying on proven architecture approaches and best cost-effective technologies.

By giving more resources to the business users with reports with interactive reporting capabilities that provide more in-depth competitive insight, meaningful dashboards, and scorecards, our team can increase your Business Intelligence reporting skills and effectiveness exponentially.

  • Proven architecture approaches like lambda Architecture and Microservices
  • Generate data-driven insights
  • Modern and traditional analytics
  • Empower you to choose better, informed, and accurate decisions.
  • Accurate visualization and interactive data representation

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